Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you accept Visa / MasterCard?
  • Yes, as well as Discover and CareCredit.
How do I select a hearing aid?
  • A hearing aid is the first and most important thing to help you hear better.
  • Millions of Americans with hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids but have not obtained them.
  • Consumers are sometimes concerned about the appearance of a hearing aid, but a hearing loss is much more conspicuous than a hearing aid.
  • Don’t rush into buying a hearing aid. Spend time researching this major purchase.
  • First get a thorough evaluation of you hearing by a qualified hearing health professional.  Hearing Specialists can advise you on which hearing aid is best suited for your lifestyle and listening needs.
What if price is an Issue?
  • Another consideration will be what you can afford. Most hearing aids are programmed, so the skill of your provider is an essential factor in determining your satisfaction.
  • Hearing aids with digital circuitry offer a good choice for your  hearing loss in receiver in the canal, open fit and custom made technology.
  • Programmable aids can be customized to fit your needs and there are a wide range of features to consider, such as directional microphones, telecoil, direct audio input and remote control.
What about trying It out?
  • However, eventually you will want to try out a hearing aid on your own.
  • Know your rights about a trial period as you adjust to an aid. There will be provider return policies but there may be state laws to protect you as well.
  • Be aware that it may take a while for the brain to adjust to a hearing aid, so you can’t always determine right away if you will like it.
  • Bring appropriate expectations: hearing aids may help you cope more effectively in communication, but they will not restore normal hearing.

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