Custom Fit Hearing Protection

We proudly offer the latest in electronic hearing protection, as well as custom-fit protection for Swimmers, Motorcyclists, Police Officers, Musicians and more.

We customize these state-of-the-art devices to fit your size and comfort level.

Whether you are a frequent concert goer, machine operator, or gun enthusiast, we have the protection you need. Our products include:

  • Custom-molded Ear Plugs
  • Recreational Earphones
  • Industrial Safety
  • Swim and Water Sport Plugs
  • Motorcycle and Firearm Ear Protection
  • Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Sleep Aids flush with the ear
  • And more…

Call today: 563-445-6444 for a custom fitting appointment AT YOUR LOCATION.

Models starting at just $50 per ear! 

Swim and Water Sport Plugs

TFC Floatables are custom designed, made with a medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone material provide comfortable protection against water, wind, noise, and cold temperatures.

  • Made of soft silicone material for maximum comfort
  • Super soft seal keeps water out plus they’re FLOATABLE
  • Convenient handles makes them easy to remove, even with wet fingers
  • Optional right and left Identification
  • Available in an array of solid and swirled colors
  • Optional removable cords available

Motorcycle and Firearm Hearing Protection

Custom molded ear plugs for shooting and riding provide the very best fit you can get from an ear plug, because each pair is custom made to exactly fit your ears. Custom shooting and riding ear plugs are also extremely comfortable, and are ideal for wearing for long hours at a time. Another advantage of full custom ear plugs is that these are the most durable ear plugs you can get; one pair can last for years.

Electronic Hearing Protection

We offer custom-fit hearing protection in a variety of materials for maximum comfort:
* Hard Shell
* Soft Shell
* Digital
* Analog
These items are all customized to fit your ear canal.  Electronic models starting at just $450.



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